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How to add ODspecs to your mobile home screen.
How to put a shortcut to ODspecs on your desktop

Acuvue Technical Specifications PDF
Alcon U.S. Lens Catalog  (2024)
CooperVision Product Reference Guide  (3-2023)
X-Cel Specialty Parameter Guide PDF

Sandy/Nelson ICD-10-CM
Pacific Laser ICD-10-CM
GPLI Coding Resoure Page
RevolutionEHR ICD10 Code Update

Toric Calculator, CooperVision
Over-refraction calculator, SpecialEyes
GPLI Toric and Spherical Lens Calculator

Review of Optometry Soft Lens Bifocal list (2016)
GP Materials list
Electronic Progressive Identifier Catalog

Clinical Trials
Current Drug Shortages
Report Adverse Drug Events