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Property ValueNotes
Base Curve 8.6
diameter 14.2
powers +6.00 to -12.00 .5D steps above -6.00
qty 30, 90 pack
Mode DW
Replacement daily disposable
Material kalifilcon A 55% H2O
Group 5-B, high water, non ionic silicone hydrogel
Man. Process cast mold
Dk 107
Dk/t 134 @-3.00D
ct 0.08 mm @-3.00D
Tint blue visibility
Modulus = 0.5 MPa. Aspheric. DMA, PVP, in a long/short chain siloxane matrix.
Surfactant moisturizers Poloxamine 1107 and Poloxamer 181, osmoprotecting
ingredients (Erythritol and Glycerin). Class 2 UV blocking.