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Property ValueNotes
Base Curves 8.6mm
diameter 13.8mm
powers Plano, -0.50 to -8.00D 0.50 steps over -6.00D
qty 30 pack
Mode DW
Replacement Daily
Material Nelfilcon A 69%H2O
Group II, high water, nonionic
Man. Process proprietary cast mold
Dk 26
Tint Mystic Blue,  Mystic Hazel,  Mystic Grey,  Mystic Green
Similar to Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus
Acrylate-modified polyvinyl alcohol (PVA).    Packaging solution contains
wetting agents hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and polyethylene
glycol (PEG). Free PVA eluded from the lens said to help stablize tear film.