(SynergEyes)     UltraHealth   
Property ValueNotes
Base Curves 6.9 to 9.5mm flat, med, steep. skirt curve
diameter 14.5mm
powers +10.00 to -20.00D 0.50 steps over ±8.00D.
qty Single Vial and 2 pack.
Mode DW
Replacement 6 month recommended
Charge 138.00 - 225.00
Material ( center) Petrafocon A RGP
Material (skirt) Hem-Larafilcon A silicone hydrogel 32% H2O
Group center: RGP skirt: I (low water, non ionic)
Man. Process lathe cut
DK 130 (RGP center) 84 (soft skirt)
ct 0.12mm @-3.00D
OZ 6.0mm RGP zone ~ 8.4mm
Tint Violet center Clear skirt
Manufacturer resorts to base curve "Vault" value jargon where values range from 50 to 550 microns.