(Art Optical)     Intelliwave Multifocal Toric     
Property ValueNotes
Base Curves MTO
Diameter MTO
Sph powers +20 to -20 0.25D steps
Cyl powers -0.50 to -5.00 0.25D steps, any axis
Add powers to +3.00D
Qty Single vial, 2 pack 3 pack, 4 pack
Mode DW
Replacement 6 months
Charge 150.00
Material Hioxifilcon B     49% H2
Acofilcon B   49% H2
Definitive (Efrofilcon A)   74% H2
Group  Hioxifilcon B :    I,   low water - nonionic    
Acofilcon B:    I,   low water - nonionic   
Efrofilcon A:     silicone hydrogel
Man. Process lathe cut
DK Hioxifilcon B   16,  Acofilcon B   16,   Efrofilcon A  60 
CT varies @ -3.00
OZ 8.4
Tint Clear or visibility blue
OD single scribe 6 o'clock; OS double scribe 6 o'clock.
Choice of 3 materials.